Mark Pulsford in his studio at Pebsham. Image: still from interview @roadfactoryfilms

Paintings made by the light of the full moon

The artist follows the dictates of the lunar cycle and the weather to develop a unique series of paintings, originating in his garden at Paddy’s House, Westbere (Kent) and continuing at High Coombe (E Sussex). All of these paintings are depictions of tree forms as they appear in moonlight. The artist’s vision is adjusted to low light levels – At 0.25 Lux (moonlight) the eye is aware of minute variations in tone, while seeing only minimal colour. The addition of colour is ‘unseen but calculated’ (artistic licence). A revelation occurs when the work is seen in synthetic low-light conditions, when the tonal subtleties of their origins become evident. The paradox to be explored is this:

As the light diminishes, so the image emerges – the less light, the more you see.

Further curatorial developments will be announced when sponsorship and space allow..